“Man has reached an impasse in his evolutionary development because he has not yet made the discovery that his perception can also be changed; where consciousness is concerned, he still suffers from the ‘passive fallacy’ — that as things are, so they must remain.”

“The pre-condition for any human effort is a vision of success. Man is never so strong, so enterprising, so endlessly resourceful, as when his aim stands clearly in front of him, to be achieved by a definite number of determined strides. To ‘work without hope’ is almost a contradiction in terms, for work without hope is work without real drive, without momentum.”

“Such recognition is only a beginning. Inauthenticity is to feel futile, contingent, without purpose. Authenticity is to be driven by a deep sense of purpose. Such a sense of purpose cannot exist unless we first make the assumption that our sense of contingency is a liar, and that there is a standard of values external to everyday human consciousness.”

“It is extremely important to grasp the notion that man does not yet exist. This is not intended as a paradox or a play on words; it is literally true.”